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Over the Mountains

Ryan & Ashlie Cook




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a bit about us...

We met in college and got married in 2002. We have 3 kids and have lived in 4 states & now reside in North Carolina. We both come from severely broken backgrounds. We have survived addiction, abuse, performance based love, medical hardship, church wounds, and so much spiritual baggage we could barely walk. We almost called it quits on our marriage multiple times despite being in full time ministry for 18 years! Somewhere in the midst of all the mess Jesus miraculously stepped in and rescued us. He revealed the lies we had believed about ourselves and about Him, and through a process of prayer, repentance, and breaking off the bondage we had been under, we have been changed into different people. We are lighter & more free to walk in the abundant life Jesus came to give us. We still struggle and make mistakes, but we don't live under the same heaviness and shame that we once did. We have been clearly called to share our story &  to help others experience that fullness of life.

a deeper look at our experience...

We have been a part of church life for over 30 years. Ryan grew up in Texas and Ashlie in Oklahoma, but our journeys have been very similar. Whether it was attending church as a child with our families, serving and participating as a teenager, volunteering as a student and young adult, serving full-time on a church staff for 16+ years, or the last couple years helping run non-profit ministries. We both have a passion for the church and the Kingdom of God advancing and accomplishing its mission. 


Ryan came from Houston, TX to Tulsa, OK to attend the University of Tulsa in the late ’90’s. Ashlie lived in the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow and she also went to TU. The Lord brought us together our Freshman year and we have now been together for almost 25 years.


After getting married in 2002 we spent time in Oklahoma, Colorado, and now North Carolina being a part of a wide range of churches. In Texas, Ryan spent 13 years serving on 2 large church staffs as a Student Pastor. Ashlie was active in supporting Ryan as well as serving in college and women’s ministry. She was also teaching full-time in both public and private schools until until our first born came along in 2010.


Ryan then successfully helped launch a multi-site location and invested 3 years as a Campus Pastor. Ashlie launched a successful photography business as well in 2008 and continues to create art for those in our community. This last season of ministry brought Ryan and Ashlie out of the local church into the world of non-profit marriage and family ministry. 


We were introduced to the concepts of spiritual warfare, freedom and prayer ministry while in college. We have since attended multiple trainings, certifications, and conferences around the country. Ryan was also integral in helping develop a teaching program for our previous church that introduced people to these important Biblical truths. 


In our own personal journeys, in 20 years of marriage, and with our family, we have experienced the incredible power of freedom and restoration from the lies of the enemy. When we identify the pattern of Genesis 3 and the tactics of attack from our very real enemy, we can uncover lies we have believed and Jesus can set us free. 


In this new ministry effort the Lord has given us a deep burden to see hearts and homes restored to God’s original intent and design. A critical piece of this restoration process is standing on the truth of God’s Word and undoing the damage of the enemies work. When you hear our stories you will see clearly the power of God and His restoration work. 


Currently our days are filled with raising our 3 amazing children, building this ministry, golf, gardening, and trying to work out! Life is busy, but this new season of ministry has been great!

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