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While one-time gifts are always appreciated, monthly support helps us budget & plan more efficiently. 
*All gifts are tax deductible!

**Donations will read as "Finishing the Work" on your bank statement.

Prefer to send a check?
Make checks payable to: Finishing the Work.
Write "Restoring the Home" in the memo. 
Please send to: 109 Partridge Bluff Dr NE
Concord, NC 28025


Thanks so much for partnering with us!

Your donation helps to further the mission God has given us to reach hearts, marriages, and families. See below for further details on how funds are used. 

Where does my donation go?

Great question!

100% of all donations go into a general fund (though you can make a note for it to be used for specified projects) that is dispersed through a board approved budget. Main budget line items include (but are not limited to):

1. Sponsoring scholarships for pastoral couples to go to retreats to be fed spiritually and rest. This costs around $1500/couple (not including travel costs).

2. Conferences and retreats: travel expenses, hosting & teaching at conferences & retreats, etc.

3. Production of resources: podcasting equipment and production, book writing and printing, etc.

4. Operating costs: website hosting, finance/tax processing and tracking, grant writing, etc.

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