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RTH Event Calendar

See our upcoming conferences and retreats listed below. To apply to attend a retreat click on the button below and let us know which retreat you're interested attending with your spouse.

(Right now retreats are for couples in ministry only)

To attend the conferences, please contact the hosting church.

upcoming conferences:

Spring 2024:

January-Marriage conference @ Beech Haven Baptist, GA

Spring-Marriage conference in Waxahachie, TX




Men's retreats:

September 29-October 1st

Camp Tejas

Hosted by: Magnolia Bible Church


Couples' retreats:

(For couples in ministry)

Retreats go from noon on the first day until noon the last day.

All listed retreats are held in a beautiful mansion on the Georgia/South Carolina line.


Here is a video of the Georgia Mansion:


October 25-28



February 21-24

April 17-20

April 24-27

upcoming retreats:

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